RFID Hospital Asset Tracking & Inventory Management - CenTrak

How CenTrak Makes Tracking Mobile Medical Equipment Easy

With CenTrak's active RFID hospital asset tracking and management system, asset tags are placed on mobile medical equipment. These asset tags seamlessly communicate with existing systems, providing key data on the exact location and condition. Staff can access real-time reports on where the equipment is while gaining peace of mind that...

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A UHF/UWB hybrid silicon RFID tag with on–chip antennas ...

A UHF/UWB hybrid silicon RFID tag with on-chip antennas


Philipp K Gentner Email author

Robert Langwieser

RFID and near field communications in embedded systems


In this contribution, we describe and analyse a miniature wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) chip with on-chip antennas (OCA) and ultra wideband (UWB) signalling by real-world measurements. With the on-chip...

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Electronic and Automatic Pet Doors

There are now Microchip activated cat and small dog doors that will work with nearly all implanted chips that are used for identification. You will notice that with these models the manufacturer has designed the door to also work with a collar tag in the event the implanted chip is not in a favorable location for activation. Collar tags are also popular to accompany a visiting pet so they can...

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How IPICO RFID Timing Systems Work - activeendurance.com

How IPICO RFID Timing Systems Work

ACTIVE Network | IPICO RFID timing systems are designed to meet the challenges of every timer, and we do it every day all over the world, from Virgin Money London Marathon and Tokyo...

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Controlled Access - Best Dog Door and Pet Door Selection


Important Question for Customers Seeking an Electronic Door:

Customers initially looking into purchasing a pet door often are under the persuasion that electronic doors are better than manual doors. The fact is that electronic doors regulate the movement of your pet only.....they do not insulate, they do not seal better and you run the risk of the door malfunctioning at some point in...

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RFID, container tracking, freight container tracking ...

Types of information that can be stored :

present location  and next four destinations with arrival departure dates,

contents of the container

work orders, route of travel,

reports, history, notes etc

Technological superiority

barcode system fails if the image recognition field is minutely altered, may be due to scratching,...

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Date: 2014-05-19 19:25:54
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How it Works: NFC (near field communication)

In our fourth edition of the "How it Works" series , we're going to talk about NFC, or near field communication, a technology that's being adopted by more and more smartphone and tablet makers and mobile operators .

When talking about NFC use in the mobile ecosystem, you're going to hear the term paired with mobile payments most of the time, because that may be one of its most important uses in...

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antenna | RFID-BLOG

RFID Helps to Locate Underground Infrastructure�

3M Company has claimed to have developed an effective way to locate the path of underground plastic pipes and conduits, eliminating the need for tracer wire and test stations and the problems and costs associated with them.

Traditionally a number of techniques have been used, including tracer wires, but these have limitations. They require power...

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IBM Infoprint 6700 Model R40, R60, and R80 Thermal Label ...

IBM Infoprint 6700 Model R40, R60, and R80 Thermal Label Printers

IBM United States Hardware Announcement 105-208

June 14, 2005

(Corrected on June 27, 2005)

The planned availability date has been improved to June 24, 2005.


The Infoprint 6700 offers:

Radio frequency identification (RFID) capability on the Model R40

A compact, rugged industrial printer for high-quality bar codes and crisp...

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