RFID livestock software installation

Raybaca RFID ear tag,readers,transponder with syringe

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From: Lynkie Duan

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RFiD Livestock Ear Tag Reader

The Video shows a pair of grey plastic polyethylene RFID tag readers incorporated into a livestock unloading race, the cattle are channeled between the readers in single file thus ensuring maximum read rate of the tags. The reader is a SCL Products Ltd RFID Livestock Barrier.

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From: Calibre Limited

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Scintex Cattle Ear Tag Reader

The Scintex Ear Tag Reader is perfect for anyone in the livestock game. It will read RFID and Australian NLIS tags. It is quick and simple to use and it comes supplied with software to allow you to download all the data to your computer.

Check out the Scintex RFID NLIS Ear Tag Reader Here:


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From: Scintex

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RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag For Cattle Tracking

RFID UHF Animal Ear Tag is specially designed for animal management and is commonly used for tagging cattle or similar sized animals.

It can greatly improve livestock tracking and identification processes to assist with traceability and disease control for the farming, ranching, feedlot and animal harvest industries.

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From: cherry zhang

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