Binwise, an advanced harvest logistics and supply chain management system

Binwise is a harvest logistics and bin management system using proprietary RFID/NFC tags, smart phones, mobile apps, RFID portals and cloud software. This system will allow real-time tracking of bins, crates, containers, and/or punnets during harvest from the orchard through to packing. Binwise will also allow packhouses to manage their internal harvest bin inventories and allow packhouse managers to track the location of individual bins and their contents across an entire site, an entire...

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From: Dataphyll

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AdvanScan - RFID inventory system with direct upload of data to the cloud (long video)

AdvanScan is an RFID inventory system based on an Android-based handheld reader and direct upload of data to the cloud.

AdvanScan optimizes the processes of goods in, inventory, picking, returns and transfers.

AdvanScan obtains the inventory of products in a space with a high read-rate (typically above 98%), and uploads the inventory data to the cloud (AdvanCloud).

AdvanScan can also be used for encoding RFID tags on its own (without an RFID printer). It can also print and encode RFID soft...

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From: Keonn Technologies

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JSPCHECK™ RFID - Asset Management Solution

JSPCHECK™ RFID - Asset Management Solution

JSP Height Safety Equipment is manufactured with RFID tags ready fitted for easy, instant inventory control and in-field inspections, manage documentation and reports by tracking tools and equipment in seconds.

The system also allows you to tag any of your own equipment with one of our RFID tags.

Manage all of your business assets in one place from tools to plant equipment.

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From: JSP Ltd

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Getting to Know ClearStream RFID

Watch as Howie shows how quickly and easily you can setup a fixed RFID system in a matter of minutes. He demonstrtaes the inventorying of tags in a given room. As an added bonus Howie gives us a sneak peak of an RFID emulator we have in the works.

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From: ClearStream RFID

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Impinj xArray JPL RFID

xArray Gateway

Wide-area monitoring, locationing and tag direction

The xArray gateway is a fixed infrastructure RFID reader system that provides always-on, wide-area monitoring of RAIN RFID tagged items within a facility or across a global supply chain. Designed for large-scale item-level applications in retail, healthcare and manufacturing, the xArray gateway provides real-time Item Intelligence events including each item’s identity, location, and authenticity. When combined with the Impinj...

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Nox: Integrated RFID and Video Security System with Check Out - Long Version

Start Tracking! Call our friendly customer service team @ +1 703.343.1689 for free sample RFID tags or email:

A brief overview of the Nox RFID system. This shows how Nox integrates RFID tagged items with video -- and manages your inventory to keep your items safe.

Nox tracks people, laptops, tools, folders, and more!

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From: Simply RFiD

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AdvanRobot - RFID robot for automatic inventory

AdvanRobot is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or a low-ceiling warehouse.

AdvanRobot reduces the cost of performing an inventory and increases the accuracy compared to using handheld readers.

In addition, AdvanRobot locates each tagged item in the 3 axes (x, y and z), and provides a 3 dimension planogram of the products inside a space. This information helps customers finding the products they are...

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From: Keonn Technologies

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A Model-based System for RFID Tracking and Monitoring

RFID technologies have been popularly used in

many applications that involve inventory checking and object

tracking. However, raw RFID data are inherently unreliable due

to physical device limitations and different kinds of environmental

noise. In this paper, we present a model-based RFID system

called Gate, which tracks and monitors tagged objects in a

static or a mobile environment. We first establish a model that

classifies an event in which a tagged object passes through or is


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From: zhou zhao

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RFID in Retail Demonstration Using M9190-Z and Century Link RFID Tags

John demonstrates some of the retail uses of RFID at a local store. Watch as he goes over inventory tracking, Inventory locating, and RFID tag writing using some of our RFID sample applications included in the TracerPlus Free Trial featured on our website.

TracerPlus can be integrated with most inventory and POS retail systems via TracerPlus Connect.

To learn more visit - TracerPlus website:

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From: TracerPlus - Mobile Development Software

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ReStock Tag - Inventory Management Solution for Medical Supplies

The ReStock Tag is LogiTag's digital inventory management system for medical supplies. It combines a two-bin lean Kanban (replacing PAR methodology) configuration with advanced RFID technology and proprietary cloud-based software to collect reordering information from RFID-enabled tags, to run regular restocking reports, or to send automated restocking requests as they occur to the hospital ERP systems.

No counting, 40% inventory reduction, no waste, real-time reports, accurate data...

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From: LogiTag

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