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Addtnl. Placement Of Devices In Range & Pointed To Me - 2of2

See an official letter from Congressman Jim Guest (Missouri, USA) on behalf of the "many constituents in our country who are being affected unjustly by electronic weapons torture and covert harassment groups":

In the letter, Rep. Guest refers to RFID technologies being used. A "World TAG Unique RFID - Logistic and Industrial Transponder" was photographed in the stairwells of SC's previous residential building. ...

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Architecture of the Global Beast System -- Dr. Katherine Albrecht

Katherine Albrecht:

Katherine Albrecht RFID chips microchip tracker surveillance ID readers processing trace implant card embed credit driver license homeland security dhs fingerprint ibm eye beam scott silverman verichip corporation china dangan india coercion force persuasion snob appeal passport border hacker employment job market...

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Installing Your ExpressToll Transponders

Whether you choose the Sticker Tag, Switchable HOV Transponder, or Motorcycle Tag, learn how to properly install any ExpressToll transponder in your vehicle!

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From: E-470 Public Highway Authority

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