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RFID tagging for a better tools management

RFID tagging in order to increase efficiency in our warehouses. An example of Operational Excellence at Cofely Fabricom.

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Metra Electronic Locking System - ELS RFID

Metra electronic locking system is based on the idea to use existing media access control and membership cards for closing the lockers. Thus reduces the costs for the integration of electronic locking system and the costs of locker control.

The electronic locking system can be used for locking of lockers, skis and bicycles... in various areas such as offices, schools, universities, hospitals, sports and fitness clubs, shops and libraries, airports, Bush and railway stations, factories, ski...

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What does all of this RFID lingo mean?

In this video we do our best to explain the most common RFID lingo.

- Types of RFID: LF vs. HF vs UHF vs. NFC

- Passive vs. Active RFID

- Operational Frequency / Frequency Range

- Power Level / Sensitivity

- RFID Tags: Tag Memory, Tag Size, IC Type, Read Range, Hex vs. ASCII

-RFID Reader: Fixed vs. Mobile, Region, Power Output, GPIO, Read Range

- RFID Antennas: Gain, Beam width, Front to Back Ratio, Axial Ratio, Polarization, Maximum Input Power, VSWR

- Cable and Connector Types

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Introduction of Long Reading Distance Handheld RFID Terminal (246023)

GAO RFID"s Long Reading Distance Handheld RFID Terminal uses classic WinCE 6.0 operating system for compatibility across existing programs. It provides RFID reading, barcode and 1D/2D scanning, GPS location, and image acquisition functions. Communications methods including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WCDMA are offered; it also has 1× SD/MMC card slot and 1× SIM card slot for data communication.

This mobile RFID terminal features over-molding design, IP65 rugged, 1.3m free drop tested and is well suited...

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