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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology

We’ve launched Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology at select border crossings

Now, Canadian RFID-enabled travel documents can be read prior to a vehicle’s arrival at the border. Find out more.

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RFID Anti-counterfeit Tags For Brand Alcohol

HUAYUAN had produced many RFID anti-counterfeit tags for brand alcohol in China and Europe.

The security level of RFID seal tag is not only depend on security RFID chip level, but also weaken of whole solution is rely on tag installation, and way of verification. RFID Anti-counterfeit Tags make the RFID inlay with destructive structure which RFID antenna can be destoried with very slight strength.

Welcome to contact us for further discussion:

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Radio Frequency Identification- RFID Tags

Radio frequency identification

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UHF RFID project at

UHF RFID project movie of tracking and tracing of audio and video equipment at Dutchview. Project executed by Improvement-it.

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Project Fingerprint Library Management RFID

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Ask your RFID card issuer to provide Dead Bolt RFID Security

Ask your card issuer to protect your information with the unsurpassed level of security and privacy only Dead Bolt Integrated Contactless RFID Security Technology can provide. Now available from Spivey Technologies, LLC.

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Smart Shopping System|Rfid Smart Shopping system

A shopping mall or complex is a place where people buy products for their regular use. The customers have to wait in long queues to get their products scanned using barcode scanner and get it billed. To get rid of this, we have proposed a new ‘RFID Smart Shopping System (Radio Frequency Identification)'. This implementation is used to assist a person while shopping and also to avoid standing in long queues and thus saving time.

To get this Smart Shopping System using RFID visit...

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RFID long distance reading in the Tire Industry

Ferm RFID Solutions developed a RFID tire tag that is embedded within a small truck tire during the manufacturing process. For more information, see: or read more:

This UHF tag is unique and is tracked throughout the supply chain and the life cycle of the tire. It can withstand high temperature and mechanical stress during the manufacturing process and the tire life cycle.

This unique solution enables 100% identification of a tire at a reading...

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A2B Tracking Product Management Release Video 2.5.11

Software Feature Updates to the A2B Tracking Platform (Includes UC! Web™ Software) Version: 2.5.11

High-Level Additions and Improvements include:

Management of Custody Contracts and Government Property

o Including additional capture and reporting fields to meet FAR 52.245-1

o Improved alerts for iRAPT and IUID Registry submissions Mobile Computing Devices such as Android Smartphones and Android/Windows Tablets to perform numerous tasks

o Search for assets using RFID o Commission assets...

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Inventions - Microchips implanted under the skin of office workers

At the newly opened Epicenter office complex in central Stockholm, office workers can now open doors and operate the photocopier with a chip implanted in their hands. The so-called RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip is made from Pyrex glass and contains an antenna and microchip, with no need for batteries.


Story ref: RTV260215054

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RFID - Matt & Nat

See how Matt & Nat used Reflect RFID to quickly find benefits of accurate inventory visibility.

Matt & Nat’s proof of concept used pre-printed and uniquely serialized RFID tags printed by Reflect RFID | Print. At store level, the RFID tags were affixed to Matt & Nat's branded price tag and "married" to their SKU using Reflect RFID | Mobile. Audits, lasting about 5 minutes, were performed weekly. Real-time audit reports and inventory reports driven by Reflect RFID | Web.

Matt & Nat...

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How to distinguish High Quality RFID Cards Among RFID Products

AsiaRFID is one of the best manufacturers and supplier for RFID Card, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags products. We are the original factory of RFID products. Welcome to contact us for wholesale and bulk price RFID cards.

More detailed information:

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How to Install RFID Systems Successfully: Components & Conveyor Frames: Host Louis Sirico

RFID Conveyor Mount Kits assemble in minutes and include mounting for multiple antenna brackets, and readers. The RFID Component Pole Set allows many unique configurations to be created from the various components. These industrial-grade components can be mounted directly to the floor, wall, or onto a 2' square base. Host: Louis Sirico

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Benefits of RFID technology in retail - Part 5

RFID overtakes the barcode

Main benefits of RFID technology in retail - Part 5

Every year, RFID adoption picks up the pace, moving into different verticals and finding new applications.

The burning question is: will RFID replace the

barcode, and if so when?

Heikki Seppä is a senior research professor with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a nonprofit organization and the largest

multi-technological applied research organization in Northern Europe.

Jorma Lalla is CEO...

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TAG Sensors NFC and RFID temperature sensors with memory

TAG Sensors low cost NFC and RFID temperature sensors with memory

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HK RFID Monitor

HK RFID Monitor is basically a Python based software for RFID. It reads the data coming to COM port and displays it on your laptop screen. The data used in this project is IDs, names and roll numbers of students, coming from a micro-controller (AVR or simply arduino). The software reads the values with 'Serial' module of Python and displays it using 'Tkinker'.

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Which RFID tags are best for vehicle tracking?

Today, Alison looks at a few UHF (Ultra High Frequency) passive Gen2 RFID (pRFID) tags that are great for tracking cars, trucks, and maybe even bicycles.

pRFID is where everything is going in the RFID world. It's cheap ($0.20 to a couple of dollars, depending on what you need), doesn't need batteries, lasts forever (or, 10+ years, whichever comes first), and has great range for tracking vehicles (20 feet or more).

Take a look then give us a call to start tracking your stuff!



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