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RFID Based Passport Project

Get this project kit at

Advanced rfid based passport system that uses rfid based passport for instant passport identification.

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Nedap Librix RFID Security Antennas

The Librix RFID security antennas of Nedap contain many features. Secure your library with RFID technology.

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What is RFID? - Part 1

RFID overtakes the barcode - part 1

- RFID is here to stay

- A few words on barcodes and RFID

- History of barcode and RFID technologies

- Main difference between barcode and RFID technologies

Every year, RFID adoption picks up the pace, moving into different verticals and finding new applications.

The burning question is: will RFID replace the

barcode, and if so when?

Heikki Seppä is a senior research professor with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a nonprofit...

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Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) - explained

The number of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags sold globally is projected, to rise from 12 million in 2011 to 209 billion by 2021. A Radio Frequency IDentification device is made up of a chip and antenna, for reusable applications.


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Rfid based smart trolley mini project

Rfid based smart trolley

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RFID Based Attendance System Using GSM

RFID Based Attendance System Using GSM is to simplify attendance recorder system by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It has alert system using GSM technology and integrated with the RFID database handling system for a fully functional system. The key feature of the system functionality is student attendance giving a call to their parents. It has two components i.e. RFID tag and RFID reader.

The main objective of the system is to...

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C7500 Prints RFID Labels

Watch us print RFID labels using the C7500. Really fast, High Resolution RFID Label Printing.

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Driving retail with RFID

RFID can be of immense help in retail operations but what are the RFID building blocks and how can retailers use the technology to improve retail business processes. Check this fun Nordic ID video and find out how the House of RFID experts step into action and aid a retailer to start driving retail with RFID. Look closely, can you spot the Nordic ID Medea mobile computer used in the video?

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HF Wireless Passive Battery-Free RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration and Tutorial

Learn more at The capabilities of a commercial passive, battery-free wireless RFID temperature sensor in a credit card format are demonstrated in this video. The video covers RFID readers, battery free passive RFID temperature sensors, High Frequency HF 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 RFID sensor technology, prevention of self-heating, low temperature performance of the Phase IV Engineering SensTAG, metal mount RFID sensors, custom RFID sensors, and other sensor options such as...

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RFID Monitor Overview

RFID Monitor is a command line tool that allows you to view your RFID network activity and health in real time.

Be sure to visit us at

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Which RFID tags are best for vehicle tracking?

Today, Alison looks at a few UHF (Ultra High Frequency) passive Gen2 RFID (pRFID) tags that are great for tracking cars, trucks, and maybe even bicycles.

pRFID is where everything is going in the RFID world. It's cheap ($0.20 to a couple of dollars, depending on what you need), doesn't need batteries, lasts forever (or, 10+ years, whichever comes first), and has great range for tracking vehicles (20 feet or more).

Take a look then give us a call to start tracking your stuff!



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