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Tracking, Management, and Control

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is becoming more and more important as the digital age transforms companies from local enterprises to international competitors. RFID technology has been incorporated into military, commercial, and personal use, and is becoming more widely available as new breakthroughs make it cheaper to produce. RFID chips are used in managing and tracking assets and inventory, simplifying the process and offering ways to implement a system for increased security, access control, and inventory tracking—including GPS tracking.

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New advances in RFID technologies are made every day, which is why GAO Engineering scours the internet, aggregating the latest blog updates, video postings, and tag additions to place it all at your fingertips. can keep developers informed and help managers stay current on events in the industry to ensure that their asset tracking and asset management practices evolve with the available technology. Visit often to keep up with developments on a number of RFID-related topics, such as:


Find out what changes are in store for the RFID tag, and how active RFID tag technology is changing in response to influences like the decreasing cost of production. Read about the latest RFID transponder information and updates to RFID reader compatibility as well as the ongoing changes to portable, mobile, and fixed readers.


In addition to RFID hardware like chips and scanners, RFID software is evolving as well. Track changes in asset management software, inventory software, and security and access control system software, among others.

Global Standards

Despite the increasing spread of RFID chips and readers, barcode technology is still widespread due to its reign as the uncontested global standard. Keep up with the state of barcode technology and barcode scanner developments while discovering ways that RFID technology takes on the challenges of communicating between RFID systems in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Industry Developments

Learn about upcoming conferences and events important to the industry, as well as RFID applications in other industries such as healthcare, transportation, and retail. Find out about the latest RFID mandates and their expected effects.


GAO - Your Source for RFID Info

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