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Customize RFID tags/stickers to meet your needs

Shenzhen Chuangxinjia is a leader in the RFID industry line when it comes to passive HF or UHF RFID tags and stickers. We offer full list of passive RFID product and...  [more...]

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how to design 13.56 MHz RFID tag datasheet & application ...

how to design 13.56 MHz RFID tag

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Abstract: Page 6 of 8 March 2004 13.56 MHz RFID systems and antennas design guide 3.2.1 How to calculate , 13.56 MHz RFID systems and antennas design guide 1 Abstract: This document is aimed at providing 13.56 MHz RFID systems designers with a practical cookbook on how to optimize RFID systems and antennas , possible to design an RFID system by considering only one side of the problem, either the tag or the base , radiation resistance close to 50 ohms. In the...  [more...]

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FEIG - OBID i scan - Proximity UHF Readers - Fast RFID

UHF Antennas optimized to be used in Europe

ID ISC.ANT.U170/170-EU - ID ISC.ANT.U270/270-EU - ID ISC.ANT.U600/270-EU

Circular polarized antennas with a new design for UHF operating frequencies between 865-870 MHz

Dimensions: 170x170x25mm / 270x270x57mm / 590x270x57mm (WxHxD)

Compatible readers for the new UHF antennas:

ID ISC.LRU3000-A-EU UHF Long Range Reader

ID ISC.LRU3500-A-EU UHF Long Range...  [more...]

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