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Introduction of UHF 860–960 MHz Gen2 Desktop RFID Reader (236007)

GAO RFID's UHF Gen2 RFID Reader is designed for the desktop. It is compatible with both EPC Class1 GEN 1 and GEN 2 Protocols operating in the UHF 860-960 MHz band, supporting both North America and the EU standards. The 236007 desktop RFID Reader makes it easy for a small to medium size business to handle anything from meeting government mandates to investigating the potential of RFID labeling for the supply chain. Developers will find the 236007 Standalone RFID Reader/Writer an excellent tool...

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ELEC 514 RFID tags in Cattle farming

Design & Analysis of computer communication networks.

Department of electrical and computer Engineering

University of Victoria, Canada

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Is a high performance multiple Protocol UHF RFID Reader. It is designed upon fully self-intellectual property. Based on proprie- tary efficient digital signal processing algorithm, it supports fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logis- tics, access control, attendance system, anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system.

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rfid labels,rfid device,gen 2 rfid tag,bluetooth rfid readers,antenna circuit design,rfid antenna di

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NiceLabel Pro 6.5 Build 12500 + Crack 2017

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S7400 and S9500 stands for Motorola AN400 RFID antenna from Codegate

The S7400 and F9500 are floor mount stands for the Motorola AN400 RFID antenna. The stand bracket also allows a FX-7400 or FX-9500 reader to be mounted behind the antenna. All fixings are provided in the kit which is designed for rapid assembly and therefore can be used for temporary installations.

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RF74xxID - A passive RFID Tag from 7400 discrete logic

RF74xxID is an RFID Tag made entirely of 7400 logic chips. Designed for the 7400 Contest 2012 and morphed into a gadget with real world use. RF74xxID emulates all EM4100 type tags and any ID can be set by switches. See for a detailed description on device operation and build.

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rfid printer,rfid readers and tags,rfid info,an rfid tag,rfid antenna cable,antenna circuit design f

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RFID UHF Windshield Tamper Motor tag type 2

RFID UHF Windshield Tamper Motor, ETC, parking application, tamper break on antenna, Tag is basing on type 2 tamper design, break on antenna when peeling off from windshield

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Fujitsu RFID and Sensor (AIT) Solution User Guide Video

An User Guide video to show you how to use Fujitsu’s RFID printer software, Label Design and Encoding Management Pro (LDEMP) which is one of the components of Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Solution.

It will explain how you can input data onto the RFID tags and how you can change the layout.

Contact email address :

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EM08 125KHz EM ID Card Reader Module w Antenna Coil - Green EM 08 is smaller size 125KHz EM 4100 or compatible card reader module it is designed to be embeded onto reader or controller main board to make the read card function Power:5V 30mA Interface: Wiegand26(optional Wiegand34 TTL clock/data) Reader range:upto 100mm Frequency: 125KHz Support card: EM ID card or EM 4100 compatible RFID cards Operation temperature: -10~70' Opeartion humidity: 5~95%(no condensing) Audio/Visual...

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Tageos Eos410 R6 Rfid Hang Tag Monza R6


The Tageos Eos-410 is a small wide-band Gen2 Uhf Rfid Hang especially designed to meet retailers' item-level tagging needs.

The allows and suppliers to enable complete visibility at the most competitive price.

Specifications Electrical: Air Interface Protocol: Epc Class 1 2 (iso18000-6c) Operating Frequency: Global (860-960 Mhz) Ic Type: Impinj Monza R6 Memory: 96 bits, User 0 Content: Unique, auto-serialized Max Read Distance: 10m...

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Intelligent Lift Service (Hussar™ Active RFID Tag)

With the Intelligent Lift Service installed, lifts will open automatically and go to designated floors which only authorized persons have the right to enter. All you need to do is install readers at the door and save information of the persons in active RFID tags.

For more information, please read



Hong Kong RFID Ltd.


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Introduction of 13.56 MHz HF Single Port RFID Antenna (313001)

GAO RFID's 13.56 MHz HF Single Port RFID Antenna is designed for use with medium to high power readers and is intended for applications with demands for long distance identification such as industrial auto control system, production tracing, goods and livestock identification, and document management. It is compliant with ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 standards. This antenna offers a long reading distance of up to 100 cm when dual antennas are used.

For more information, check out the product...

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4W high power rfid reader demonstration

this is a rfid high power reader for HF ISO15693 tags read write, provided by . designed for multi tags read and for solution such as jewelry inventory.

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Promag UHF RFID Reader 860 EPC Gen compliance

Promag's UHF RFID Reader is ready to the market. UHF860 is a slickly designed ultra high frequency RFID reader with a reading range of 5 meters. It has ports to connect 4 antennas and it built in compliance with ISO18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen2 standards. UHF860 has widely varied applications such as Asset management, Academic management,Transportation management, etc. and helps you with convenient, practical and reliable management solutions

Welcome to visit us on site during RFID Taiwan 2013...

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rfid reader demo test

The PAD RFID reader is specifically designed for reading small quantity electronic tags.

Mainly Application: Library/Archive Management, Jewelry Inventory, Drug Management, Counter Settlement, etc.

Would you like to have a try ?

For more RFID readers ,please refer to

Welcome any inquiry in this field .

Skype ID : chenhui_hb

mail to :

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RFID Truck portal

The Neopost Shipping RFID Truck Portal is designed to read the tags on all of the pallets of goods contained in a truck in motion, and in just one passage.

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Digital Marketing And Ecommerce Solutions by Webdesk Technologies, Kolkata

Webdesk Technologies are recognized as a prominent trader and supplier of optimum quality assortment of Barcode Scanners, RFID Readers, Data Terminal, Printing Ribbons , Barcode Printers, RFID Tags, Patient ID Wristbands, RFID Printers, RFID Antennas, Label Printing Software, Products Labels and Card Printer. Apart from this, we also provide services like E Commerce Solutions, Mobile App, Website Designing, Digital Marketing, Enterprise IT Solutions, E Challan Systems, Web Hosting and Barcode...

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Proxmark3 LF antenna designed to work with the xEM

The proxmark3 is the defacto standard device for any RFID hacker's toolkit. It can be used to do many things, including clone tags to our T5577 based xEM 125kHz implantable RFID transponder. The standard "factory" LF antenna for the proxmark3 is well designed, but it is a design that does not work very well with our cylindrical xEM tag. In this video we experiment with a new cylindrical shaped antenna, tuned to...

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Reel to Reel RFID Encoder/Verifier

The INT1000 is an offline automatic encoding and verification station for RFID labels. The INT1000 is available in both HF and UHF frequencies.

The use of automatic issuance of serialized data with user defined formatting allows off-line encoding of RFID labels. All tags to be applied are loaded and verified. This allows separation of label application process from encoding process and therefore prevents slow downs in the production line due to RFID item level tagging.

To create rolls of...

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Behind the scenes of the RFID powered Hybris Labs Changing Room

Take a look behind the scenes of the hybris labs Changing Room. And although a good magician never reveals his secrets, we like to show how simple innovation can be. It’s really no rocket science. All it takes is an RFID scanner, a few RFID tags, and a wifi connection to allow the communication between the changing room and the sales assistant’s mobile device.

RFID technology, provided by our partner Impinj ( is the solution. The changing room knows what you brought, asks what...

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uhf rfid tags,rfid long range,antenna coil design,rfid track,detector rfid,rfid антенны

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AGV Fork Lift (RFID Guidance System)

This project was designed as a material handling technique inside any industrial field.

The following video introduces the capabilities of the Automated Guided Vehicle.

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NXP RFID PCB Antenna Designer

Learn more or try it free

UHF antenna design is more complex than a typical HF antenna design and needs an expert understanding of the electronic design constraints. With the RFID -- PCB Antenna Designer customers can simply input parameters, such as space available on the PCB, target performance, board materials, and target frequency range in the region of application to receive a turnkey UHF antenna design for their specific application. Additionally,...

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Winmate M800BW Product Guide

8" Winmate M800BW Series Rugged Tablet Computer designed for the demands of public safety. Powered by Intel Pentium N3710 Processor this Window-based Rugged Tablet PC offers wide tools for data collection : 1D/2D Barcode Reader, HF RFID Reader and Fingerprint scanner. With custom-tailored bracket for VESA mounting, the M800BW Series can be mounted inside a vehicle, police car or fire engine. Optional M12 Connector and CPM800 Expansion box extend the functionality for vehicle applications by...

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RFID Data Monitor with Temperature, Shock and Tilt sensors

The PE3001 UHF RFID chip allow to connect RFID with a microcontroller.

The micro then alos allows to use more external sensors. In this case temperatute sensing is accomplished by the RFID chip PE3001. This chip alos gathers monitoring sensor data, even from the sensors connected to the microcontroller. In this case the controller is connected to a 2-D Accelerometer MEMS sensor. Sensor data are being CDC (Capacitance-to-digital Conversion) transfered by the PE5010 IC. The system can track...

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Chipless RFID System for Low Cost Item Tracking - Stevan Preradovic

This seminar was presented on 14th January 2009 by Stevan Preradovic, a PhD candidate at the ECSE Department at Monash University, Australia. Stevan presents his PhD research work on a novel chipless RFID system based on multiresonators which is intended for tagging low cost items such as banknotes.

Abstract - A fully passive, printable chipless RFID system is presented. The chipless tag uses the amplitude and phase of the spectral signature of a multiresonator circuit and provides 1:1...

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Arduino project RFID teddy and waveshield

University Project

Sorry for the delay guys but here is a link to the code I used

What you will need for this project is a Adafruit Waveshield and a RFID 12 reader and some RFID tags and a speaker.

/Volumes/FUDGE/ardy design document .pdf

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Banggood - RFID 125kHz EM4100 ID Card Copier with 6 Writable Tags and 6 Cards

Description :

RFID 125kHz EM4100 ID Card Copier Duplicator with 6 Writable Tags and 6 Cards

Copy and duplicate the 125 kHz EM4100 / EM410X card / tag ID for backup purpose.

Support 125kHz EM4100 / EM410X or compatible card / tag format only.

2 buttons for Simple operations.

Standalone operation, no need to connect with computer / PC.

Built-in individual LED lights and buzzer indicator.

Built-in transceiver antenna.

Battery power supply : 2 x 3V AAA battery

Small and Protable design : 115 x...

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RFID & Atmega Interfacing

This is a project interfacing atmega and rfid reader...this circuit design has a lot of applications...especially in home security aspects...Trying to apply for my home as well..any comments or suggestions are appreciated

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Rfid Antenna Design Tutorial

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A few days ago, I wanted to add an RFID reader to my electric gate opener because HF remote controls are quite expensive. Unfortunately, during the wiring of the reader, I screwed up the existing controller board (with a short-circuit on the mains transformer...). Too bad for me, I should have disconnected mains power before that. Lesson learned. As I can't find any decent schematic on the web, I decided to design my own bi-DC motor controller. Of course, I want to add some nerdy features that...

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From: angel li

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Analog Circuit Design Robust Design, Sigma Delta Converters, RFID

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From: A Stewart

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From: angel li

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RFID self service

New design in RFID self service, using ScreenRead Technology. Designed by D-Tech International Ltd

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From: DTechInternational

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Analog Circuit Design Robust Design, Sigma Delta Converters, RFID

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RFID Chip Design in MMU

This video briefly introduces RFID chip design activity in Multimedia University, Malaysia.

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From: yingkhai

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RFID case design extend Antenna testing.mp4

RFID case design extend Antenna testing

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uhf rfid tags,rfid long range,antenna coil design,rfid track,detector rfid,rfid антенны

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From: angel li

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rfid parking demo

we design rfid parking demo include:long range rfid reader,parking management system.loop detector,access control system,traffic signal control system,and traffic barrier.

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From: Liao Alan

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Analog Circuit Design Robust Design, Sigma Delta Converters, RFID

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