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Asset Tracking System Using RFID: 4 Benefits For Your Business

Asset Tracking System Using RFID: 4 Benefits For Your Business

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Asset tracking system using RFID: A vital tool for every business

The global economy is slowly mending itself towards higher growth and businesses are focused on improving the efficiency of their operations to keep them sailing forward. Businesses are looking up to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to...

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RFID Asset Tracking Healthcare Solution: An Overview

RFID asset tracking healthcare solution: How hospitals can utilize it at its best?

Improve medical equipment visibility: Provide better quality care  

Asset tracking technology is the new phenomena in the healthcare sector. It is being endorsed by a majority of hospitals and medical institutions because of its diverse set of features. One of the greatest troubles faced by hospitals is the...

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EZOfficeInventory's RFID Asset Tracking Software

Getting Started with RFID Asset Tracking

To get things started, go to Settings -> Add Ons -> Handheld Scanner Integration -> RFID Reader, and click Enabled.

Of course, you need to add your RFID tag IDs to the system. You can either do this through an Excel import, or by going to any item, clicking Edit, and filling in the Identification Number field:

Scanning RFID Tags

1) Make sure your RFID...

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RFID Tracking System Technology: How Businesses Use It?

Investing in an all-rounded RFID tracking system allows you to work smarter and rule over your assets, workflows and employees.

About EZOfficeInventory!

EZOfficeInventory is a...

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