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Design of RFID tag antennas using an inductively coupled ...

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...(O hm ) real imagsFigure 31.sInput impedance of the simulated 915 MHz UHF RFID sshape antenna.santenna input impedance (Zant =59.7 +j96.4) is lower around 915 MHz compared tosinductively coupled feed =-=[39]-=- matching networks. Antennas designed using inductivelyscoupled feed structures yield high phase angles (i.e. Zant = 6.2 +j127). As explained in thespaper...

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Performance Benchmarks for Passive UHF RFID Tags by (2005)



Power reflection coefficient analysis for complex impedances in RFID tag design - Nikitin, Rao, et al. - 2005 (Show Context)

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... conditions is used to modulate the response back to the reader. In practice, the load variations are not this drastic. Typical value of impedance for a UHF RFID chip produced by Philips is 16 - j350 =-=[17]-=-. 2.5....

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