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RFID thrives in competitive setting -- Defense Systems

The Defense Department has used active radio frequency identification to track military shipments since the early 1990s. Although RFID is a mature technology, a recent contract award shows that the technology is still being refined and improved.

RFID III was awarded in December 2008 and opens DOD-active RFID business to competition for the first time. Savi Technologies, a unit of Lockheed Martin,...

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DOD uses RFID for logistics tracking -- Defense Systems

DOD uses RFID for logistics tracking

Radio frequency identification is already established in the realm of defense logistics, helping to keep tabs on the mountains of materiel moved through the military services' supply chain. But RFID applications are also moving beyond those needed for supply chain visibility.

By Brian Robinson

Mar 24, 2008

Radio frequency identification is already established...

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Military RFID adjusts for the future -- Defense Systems

Military RFID evolves to include mesh networks

Defense Department mixes old and new technologies to speed logistics, provide better inventory knowledge

By John Edwards

Nov 08, 2011

After playing a pivotal role in developing and popularizing radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems, the Defense Department is looking to take the inventory tracking and monitoring technology to the next stage...

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