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RFID Product and solution company in India

Welcome to Digant Technologies, your partner for RFID Solutions!

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Working closely with Systems Integrators (SIs), we provide technology solutions to automate and improve efficiencies in diverse and sometimes, hostile work environments across various industries.

Every implementation supported by Digant Technologies is based on continuous R&D supported innovation, a high level of environment-specific customization and meeting...

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Date: 2017-07-24 11:58:59

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M2M / Site Automation Solutions- Digant Technologies

RFID Products

Digant is in the RFID products and solutions space since 2006, and is the preferred vendor for RFID solutions and products to worldwide customers, for many identification, tracking and automation solutions. Our product range includes compact RFID reader modules, best suited for PCB mounting and application specific readers, which interface with RS232, USB, Ethernet etc., We provide excellent technical support.

Telecom Solutions

Telecom towers are highly critical infrastructure for any country. We, with our automation products and solutions, ensure that the tower sites are...

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Date: 2016-11-21 09:34:19

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