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RFID is in-addition-to BARCODING

If you dissect an RFID tag you will find an inlay on the adhesive side of the label. The inlay contains an RFID chip that is integrated with a thin-film squiggly antenna. The antenna is fairly large while the RFID chip in the center checks-in at about 1 mm by 1 mm square. Any printer can apply print to a label surface, but to print the label surface AND...

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Zebra | 4 x 6 Label Rolls | DFARS | RFID Tags | DoD ...


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This is a roll of blank paper-stock RFID tags that are tuned for printing with Zebra RFID printers such as the R110Xi.

The rolls contain passive RFID labels that are...

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Pre-Printed RFID Tags | DoD | DFARS | Military Shipping ...

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EasyTAGs are DOD RFID tags that are pre-programmed with globally unique RFID serial numbers. They can be purchased in batches of 50, 100, or more. The EasyTAGs can be stored and used against any number of contracts and National Stock Numbers (NSNs) over time until they are used-up. As a shipment is prepared, RFID tags are applied to CASES.

DoD RFID Background

When properly used, the EasyTAG DOD RFID Tags serve two functions. First, they improve receiving processes within the DoD by instantly linking the received goods directly to the contract and the invoice. Second, the...

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RFID for DoD Packaging -


RFID for DoD Packaging

Study-Up QuickIf you're just getting started with RFID compliance for DoD packaging and shipping, this will get you up to speed.

We'll Print Your RFIDsMaking these requires specialized equipment and some degree of experience...

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