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RFID in hospitality | Tragging Fixed Assets

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RFID in Hospitality

Who doesn't like technology?!! Frankly, I think we all love innovative technologies that simplifies our lives beyond compare, especially when doing business. What was once costly and expensive, is now common and affordable. RFID technology has invaded every aspect of our lives reaching way far beyond all expectations. RFID (radio-frequency identification)  uses...

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RFID in Hospitals | Tragging Fixed Assets Software

With RFID-based fixed asset tracking software, maintaining accurate records of all hospital fixed assets is a piece of cake! The RFID-based fixed asset tracking software typically saves locations, inventory levels, maintenance records, user history, status (in-use, sterile, etc.) and more in one database through the use of RFID fixed asset tags.

Tragging's RFID-based fixed asset tracking software...

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