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RFID Tag Vendor: Metalcraft - Gateway RFID Store

Vendor Profile

Metalcraft is a leading vendor for RFID tags and labels . They provide a wide variety of tags and labels with a focus in the asset tracking, access control, and entertainment and event access areas. This Mason City, Iowa, company has been a leader in the identification products industry since 1950.

When a project manager is looking for tags and labels they often have requirements...

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Gateway RFID Store | Buy RFID Readers, Tags, Hardware ...


More Information about Gateway RFID Store

Whether you need RFID readers, antennas, tags & labels, printers, or software, Gateway RFID Store has the best products from the leading manufacturers of the industry, such as Alien, Datamax-O'Neil, and Honeywell. Our product catalog has what you need to supplement an existing RFID system or start fresh, and our expert support team can help you make the right choices to meet your needs.

Looking for RFID readers? We have everything from handheld units to development kits. We have fixed readers and GPIO devices. If you need power adapters or reader cables, we can help you there, too. We...

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EPC Gen 2 Archives - Gateway RFID Store

The EPC Gen 2 Standard Update

GS1 is the organization that develops many of the standards relating to RFID. The Electronic Product Code (EPC) second generation or EPC gen 2 standard defines the air interface standard for the physical and logical requirements for an RFID system of readers and UHF passive tags operating in the 860 MHz to 960 MHz range.

Since its introduction in 2004 the EPC Gen 2...

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RFID and Android | Gateway RFID Store

RFID and the Growing Use of Android

Android is being increasingly seen as the operating system of choice for the next generation of RFID reader devices. The proliferation of smart phones and tablets that are Android-based are making them prime candidates for the reader app devices that are now enabled in various ways with RFID radio devices used to interrogate RFID tags.

Android is developed by...

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RFID Labels | RFID Sticker & Barcode Labels for Asset ...


RFID Labels

RFID labels are a great way to provide discreet RFID technology to an item without a larger, bulky tag. Like many other RFID tags, these labels store information about the item that they're associated with. If you're interested in RFID labels for yourself, then see the full selection below to find one that suits your needs.

How RFID Labels Work

RFID labels work similarly to regular RFID tags. Their main difference is that labels tend to be thinner and far more flexible than more-rigid RFID tags. They can be used in laundry to keep track of loads, or on name tags or other thin...

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RFID Portal - Gateway RFID Store


RFID Portal

RFID portals are designed for entrances, gates, doors, and hallways where a RFID reader is needed. The portal can actually scan RFID tags as they move into and out of an entrance. This is especially important in areas where tagged items are either entering or being removed from an area and need to be catalogued quickly.

How RFID Portals Work

RFID portals work similarly to other RFID technology. Like other readers, they have a transceiver and an antenna. The transceiver generates a weak radio signal that has a range of a few feet. This then activates a RFID tag...

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RFID Tag Vendor: Confidex - GatewayRFID Store

in RFID , RFID Technology , Vendor Profile

Confidex's mission is to be the industry's leading provider of RFID tag solutions. By making supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure, Confidex aims to enhance the quality of life and the environment.

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Alien ALR-9680 RFID Reader | Shop RFID at Gateway RFID Store

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The Alien ALR-9680 RFID reader is a simple, low profile, gen 2 RFID solution. The ALR-9680 comes with out-of-the-box compatibility to other Alien RFID readers, along with easy integration through the use of the feature rich easy to use Alien Reader Protocol. The ALR-9680 isn't laxed when it comes to platform support, with many programs such as Microsoft® BizTalk RFID, OatSystems,...

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4 Types of Handheld RFID Readers | Gateway RFID Store


RFID readers are an important part of any RFID system--but how do you choose the right reader for you? Between fixed readers, handheld readers, integrated readers, image scanners, and more, there are a myriad of options. Maybe you've determined that a handheld reader is the best for your needs--they're great for ticketing, for example--but you want to explore the different types of...

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