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Long range RFID readers - reliable IP67 rated devices from ...

Long range RFID application? We'll optimize it for you.

Cost-effective long range RFID

Passive long range RFID in vehicle ID or logistics should save you both time and money. Vehicles only need to slow while passing through entrance gates for you to identify them. This can reduce time, fuel costs - and emissions. But Idesco passive UHF EPC readers also install faster when connecting to wireless...

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Future-proofed RFID readers - IDESCO

The evolution of RFID systems is accelerating as they are integrated into Information Technology. Idesco's highly configurable, conveniently updated readers could become an important factor for lowering the cost of your system's future evolution. How? First, their dynamic configurability already lets you deploy them confidently across a wider range of applications. (For example, patching an...

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RFID supplier with 30 years of experience - IDESCO

"Idesco is a reliable supplier, their readers are of great quality and easy to use, delivery is fast and customer support is always available when we need it". Jarmo Nissinen, ACG Pulse


"The Idesco Slim PIN reader range is well-designed, allowing it to be installed in most environments. Indeed, it only took an average of 15 minutes to replace an old device with a new one." Jan Terje By, G4S...

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Secure, flexible devices for modern RFID systems - IDESCO

8 CD 2.0 readers and EV2 transponders

If you foresee migration becoming a priority (whether for convenience or security concerns) but discover your...

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