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Litum | RFID Asset Tracking System

RFID asset tracking software, offers increased visibility in real time, with counting and inventory at your fingertips. Our solution works seamlessly with mobile RFID readers and fixed RFID portals to improve real time location accuracy and safety.

Our RFID Asset Tracking Software keeps you up to date with alerts for maintenance, calibration, and misplacement, while preventing unnecessary procurements.

Increase asset utilization, availability, and ROI.

Improve inventory accuracy, compliance with Litum RFID Asset Tracking solution.

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Litum | RFID Systems & RFID Solutions - RF ID Tags, Readers

Impinj xPortal Integrated Reader

High-performance integrated RFID portal reader

The Speedway xPortal RFID reader system solves the size and mounting limitations of traditional portals with an attractive, light-weight, and low-profile unit.


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