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MobiTeC - RFID Middleware 1.0

A flexible and cost-effective solution for RFID network deployment and configuration.

A product from Mobitec of IE department, CUHK.

Overview of CUHK RFID System 1.0

CUHK RFID System 1.0 is a flexible and cost-effective software complying with EPCglobal middelware specifications. It follows the architecture framework specification of EPCglobal and the Application Level Events (ALE) Specification,...

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MobiTeC - Open Source RFID Middleware 1.0

RFID Tag and Reader Technologies at UHF band for Logistics Management

(Funded by Innovation and Technology Fund)


IVHS Division, Mark IV Industries

ANSEN Electronics Company

e-jing Technologies

ITE (Holdings) Limited

To develop the core technologies in RFID tags and readers and related networking and to apply the RFID technology to logistics management. The proposed research will investigate most of...

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