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RFID Device -

An RFID (radio frequency identification) device is any device that creates an RFID tag, modifies information on an RFID tag, or receives information from an RFID tag. Such devices include printers, writers, readers, handheld or fixed devices, and sensors. An RFID printer is a device that prints data on RFID label tags as they pass through the printer. An RFID writer is a device that writes...

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What Is BizTalk RFID Mobile? -

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a tracking technology that allows businesses to identify and track inventory and other physical objects throughout a business process. Using RFID readers and tags, you can maintain a high degree of product visibility throughout your business process. This allows you to gather information about your business, accurately track inventory, and provide...

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How to Print RFID Labels -

You can use BizTalk RFID to print RFID labels on RFID printers. The data for RFID labels to be printed can be provided manually or by an external data source. In the current version of BizTalk RFID, Microsoft Excel (for example, an .xls file) is the only supported external data source.

The RFID Print Label Wizard is displayed only if the device meets all of the following criteria:

Is in the...

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Tag Data Translation Overview -

The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is an identification scheme for universally identifying physical objects by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. The standardized EPC tag encoding consists of an EPC Identifier that uniquely identifies an individual object, and may also include a filter value if the filter is needed to enable effective and efficient reading of the EPC tags. The EPC...

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How to Create an RFID Mobile Application -

This topic describes how to set up and build a BizTalk RFID Mobile application.


When you register a provider that works with RFID Mobile, the system copies the provider DLLs to the Program Files\BizTalkRfidMobile folder. These files are necessary to run an RFID Mobile application. Therefore, you must also save your applications in the \BizTalkRfidMobile folder. If you save your applications in a different folder, you must copy all the DLLs in \BizTalkRfidMobile to your application folder.

To build a BizTalk RFID Mobile application on a desktop computer

On the development computer, run the...

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Step 2: Test the RFID Process by Using RfidClientConsole

This procedure has instructions to create an XML file that contains information about a sample tag-read event. The structure of the XML content in the file is the structure that the RfidClientConsole utility expects for a tag-read event in XML format.

To test TutorialProcess by using the RfidClientConsole utility

This procedure has instructions to test the RFID process, TutorialProcess, by using...

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SHGetKnownFolderPath function (Windows) -


A reference to the KNOWNFOLDERID that identifies the folder.

dwFlags [in]


Flags that specify special retrieval options. This value can be 0; otherwise, one or more of the KNOWN_FOLDER_FLAG...

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