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Race Timing Readers, Tags and Other Products Orbiter ...

Price $7,995.00 each.

Buy 2 for $4,995.00 each.

Mobile RFID Race Reader w/ Side Antennas . Our bollard systems come complete with reader, wireless radio and battery for quick and simple operation. Just roll it into place and turn on and the system will connect wirelessly to the computer to run your race. Accurate timing detects racers at the finish line. No wasting time with dirty mats, running...

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Orbiter Race Chip Timing System

3 minute set-up for school physical education,

5K's to marathon's, triathlons, military assessments, biking, and fundraisers

No cables, messy mats, or complicated black boxes.

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Race Managers

Learn to be your own timer. It's easy....

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