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Arduino RFID security DIY starter kit «

This Arduino RFID Starter Kit is a very good do-and-learn package for starter to RFID security verification programming. With this Starter Kit, you are able to learn how RFID key and receiver works, how to use RFID system to do security check. You can also...

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Using Arduino/RFID/LCD/Servo to make sample security ...

4)Software installation

Download Arduino Library code and library from following link

Unzip above file and you will see a folder called ArduinoRFID, enter into this folder, you will see a sub-folder "library", this folder has libraries required by this project. Copy all these 5 folders in library into your Arduino IDE library folder(normally it should be in Arduino\library )

5)find the I2C address

Each device has an I2C address that it uses to accept commands or send messages. For Uno board, this address usually is 0x27. But sometimes...

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