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python - Active Long Rnage RFID system for Raspberry Pi 3 ...

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I have bought those cards: UHPPOTE 2.4Ghz RFID Active Card for Long Distance Range Reader Vehicle Parking System . I need to buy certain RFID readers to be able to read data from those cards and work with raspberry pi....

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RFID system that integrates with Raspberry Pi Model B?


Thanks @Phil Vallone (+1) - a few quick followup questions; as after reading the product page, I'm a bit confused. (1) How do I connect the NFC chip to the RPi: UART, FTDI, SPI, other? (2) If I wanted to write software that controlled when the NFC chip scans for tags, and how to handle responses when...

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serial - Pi + Parallax RFID reader + Python only reading ...

Parallax RFID Reader:

Adafruit logic level converter:

Adafruit breakout board:

And is wired up with 5V on the parallax side and 3.3 on the Pi side, with power being supplied by the breakout board.

The following python (3.3) code is used:

import serial try: ser =...

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Getting RFID-RC522 to work with Raspberry Pi 2

Yesterday I bought the famous RC552 RFID read/write module to use with my Raspberry Pi 2B (I've also got an Arduino in the mail right now) and I've been trying to get it to work but I just can't. I started by installing python-dev. I then installed SPI-PY by downloading it from GitHub ( and used sudo python install to install it. I then connected the module to my Pi using this diagram:

Then, I downloaded this library from GitHub...

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how to read rfid tag using RC522 module with raspberry pi ...

Thank you for your prompt response. When i enable the SPI from the Raspi-config , through...

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