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Applications for Active RFID and Passive RFID Technology ...

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RFID technology is divided into three categories - Passive, Semi-passive (also called battery assisted passive or BAP) and Active - based on how the tags obtain power and how they use it to communicate with the interrogator. More technical details regarding differences between these three categories are discussed on our Explore Portal .

What are the technical differences?

The passive...

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Comparison of NFC & Barcode to RFID Inventory Tracking ...

This is a second part of Comparison of RFID, NFC and Barcode for Inventory Tracking. You can review the first part related to RFID here .

NFC Technology (Near Field Communication)

NFC Technology lays under the umbrella of RFID technology. While the RFID technology that we discussed above for inventory tracking uses the UHF frequency (860 - 960 MHz), the NFC utilizes HF (13.56 MHz) and specific...

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Active RFID versus passive RFID | RFID4U

Requires presence of interrogator to work

Limited amount data storage

Require higher power interrogators

Low read range (few inches to 20 feet)

Note: A low read range might be considered an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on a tag's application. When a tag is used for credit card or for access control card, a low read range is an advantage, because you do not want somebody to be able to...

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RFID Printers Encoders | RFID4U

Home / RFID Basics & Resources / RFID Printers Encoders

RFID Printers & Smart Labels

Every RFID implementation needs peripheral devices such as RFID-enabled printers, RFID-enabled automated label applicators (also known as print and apply devices), as well as feedback components such as light stacks, horns, LED lights or LCD displays, and triggering devices such as light break sensors. These...

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How to pick the right RFID tag for uniform and laundry ...

As we mentioned earlier RFID has been used for laundry tracking for a long time. Main challenges were:

Attachment of tags

Read range


All these aspects have massively improved from the first time RFID tags were used for laundry years ago. There are several good options when looking for an RFID tag to track your uniforms or laundry. Interestingly RFID tags for uniform and laundry tracking...

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Introduction to RFID Middleware | RFID4U

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RFID Regulations | RFID4U

Compliances for frequency hopping for conventional and digitally modulated intentional radiators

Maximum peak conducted output power of intentional radiators

Limits of exposure to radio frequency energy levels

Incorporation of intelligence within a frequency hopping spread spectrum

Hybrid systems

Power spectral density of digitally modulated systems

Limits on RF power emitted outside the...

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RFID Software Platform | RFID4U

TagMatiks CF

TagMatiks CF has been developed to fight counterfeiting by providing product authentication. Additional benefits include product tracking and warranty management.

TagMatiks CF supports RFID as well as NFC and can be applied in manufacturing as well as end user applications.

TagMatiks CF can be used as a standalone module with mobile readers or together with TagMatiks Core if fixed...

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RFID Reader Interrogation Zone | RFID4U

Input/Output port configuration settings

Firmware upgrade capability

Firmware upgrades on the interrogator are performed to enhance performance, support new features, or resolve issues with the existing platform. They are usually downloaded from the manufacturer's site and can be deployed to the interrogators in a variety of methods. Most common methods are a Pull method, where the new firmware...

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