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RFID Library Management System

SkyRFID presents our new updated Multi-Lingual  Automated RFID Self Serve Library System -

SkyRFID Library Express is a multi-lingual Automated Library System designed to facilitate the circulation and organization of small to large - sized collections of books, CD’s and


’s and other reading materials. 


All materials are equipped with an RFID label...

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Long Range RFID | 433 mhz | 2.4 GHz -

- 433 MHz, 2.45 GHz & SHF Active RFID -

5.7GHz, 2.4 GHz & 433 MHz Long Range RFID Technologies

All three of these technologies use active (battery assisted) tags, which allow them to reaching distances of over 65 feet (20 meters) and can relay sensor information back along with their unique identification. This makes them ideal for situations where other technologies cannot meet the requirements....

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RFID Products | RFID Technology | Buy RFID Components

RFID Products

- Readers, Tags & More -

SkyRFID offers a large range of products for ADC (Automated Data Collection) using RFID technology. We work with numous high quality manufacturers and strategic partners to ensure that you get the best solution for your application, and even better value for your money. We are constantly sourcing new hardware to ensure our customers are getting the best...

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Mid-Range RFID | EPC Class 1 Gen 2 -

EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID Regulations

The EPC standard requires that the system operates from 860 MHz - 960 MHz frequency range. However there are a number of Organizations and Governing bodies that regulate the frequency and transmission power in the different countries. As such no country can legally operate over the entire band and have usually assigned a sub-set of this band for use in their...

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RFID Asset Tracking | Asset Protection

- Asset Protection & Asset Tracking Inventory -

Inventory Tracking

The first thing most people think of when you say RFID is inventory management, and for good reason. EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID was invented for this purpose and excels at it, turning months of manual warehouse inventory checks into a few hours if done with hand held readers. Fixed installations can completely removing the need for...

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RFID Antenna Tutorial | RFID Antenna Types

The RFID reader antenna transmits a wave that has both electrical and magnetic properties and is known as an electromagnetic wave.

There are 3 different types of RFID antennas:

Linear Polarization (dipole antennas) - the electromagnetic wave propagates entirely in one plane (Vertical or Horizontal) in the direction of the signal propagation. This is the best wave propagation when the tag...

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RFID Tag Inlays -

- The Tag Building Blocks -

Wet inlays are inlays that have an adhesive backing with a clear or colored topsurface of PVC,PET or paper, the PVC or PET wet inlays are commonly used to make "RFID...

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RFID Tags | RFID Card | RFID Chip | RFID Key | RFID Sticker


RFID Tags For Extreme Conditions

We have numerous heavy duty metal mount tags that are designed to handle harsh environments, high temperatures and extreme pressure. When subjected these extreme conditions most tags will break down and in many cases break into pieces.

Our special high pressure tags can handle 3000 PSI (210.97 KG/cm) in a 13.56 MHz frequency. Specially designed high temperature tags embedded in metal (not attached to metal) can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 230°C (446°F) making it perfect for metal mould management, or asset and product identification. If you have a need for a high temperature tag that...

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RFID Access Control System | Card Access Systems

Building Access Control System

Card access systems are increasingly being used by property management firms as part of the secure building access control systems. Limiting the use of elevators, stairways, and entrance to suites as an additional benefit to tenants.

RFID can also ease access to buildings and suites for those with disabilities. Since the doors lock is already controlled by the RFID signal, the doors opener could also be wired to automatically open the door upon authorization. This greatly decreases the frustration for those with a limited range of movement.

Secure parking access is another common...

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RFID Frequencies and Transmission Power - RFID Solutions

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

BSI - British Standards Institute

Industry Standards Organizations

AIAG - Automotive Industry Action Group

EPCglobal - Electronic Product Code global - organization set up to achieve world-wide adoption and standardization of EPC technology and was a joint venture between GS1 and GS1 US, now other countries have also joined (GS1- Canada)

GS1 - Global organization dedicated to the design and standardization of global standards and solutions to imporve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains

GS1 US - United States version of GS1, there are more than 100 countries that support...

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