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RFID System Components | Starport Technologies LLC

Host computer with appropriate application software


RFID tags are tiny microchips with memory and an antenna coil, thinner than paper and some only .3mm across. RFID tags listen for a radio signal sent by a RFID reader. When a RFID tag receives a query, it responds by transmitting its unique ID code and other data back to the reader. There are two types of RFID tags-passive and active.

RFID Readers

RFID readers, also called interrogators wuery RFID tags in order to obtain identification, location, and other information about the device or product the tag is embedded in. The RF energy from the reader antenna is...

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RFID Solutions by Starport Technologies | Starport ...

RFID Solutions by Starport Technologies

Modern Solutions (RFID Tags) to Streamline Inventory Management, Compliance and Logistics

Starport Technologies delivers smart RFID solutions that enable business and government organizations to meet complex demands while maintaining highly efficient operations. The ever-growing global markets, the expansion of supply chain dynamics and the detailed...

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Metal Mount RFID Tags - Starport Technologies

Metal Mount RFID Tags

Metal Mount RFID Tags

Starport Technologies, LLC., provides a wide range of Long-Range RFID asset tracking tags, metal mount and supply chain applications.

Terminator Tag - Our newest addition to Starport Technologies' line of UHF RFID metal mount tags. It resembles the other tags with its unmatched thin-as-a-dime form factor, but with up to 100 feet read...

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RFID Printers | Starport Technologies LLC

D500R UHF RFID Thermal Transfer Printer - 300 dpi, 4" print width, LCD Display, USB/Serial/Parallel/Ethernet Interfaces. Cables sold separately.


ZT400: ZT410 RFID Thermal Transfer Printer - 300 dpi, 4" print width, USB/RS-232/Ethernet/Bluetooth interface


R110Xi4, RFID Printer-Encoder - (300 dpi, Serial, Parallel, USB, Internal ZebraNet 10/100 PrintServer, 120 VAC...

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RFID Jewelry Tags | Starport Technologies LLC

With over 75 years of combined narrow web converting experience, the management team of Starport Technologies has engineered and assembled an RFID tag and label converting platform that allows conversion of industry standard jewelry tags into RFID tags.  Using the Alien Technology ALN-9710 inlays, Starport has started to focus on bringing the benefits of RFID to jewelry manufacturers and resellers.

Tagging Small Items

The ALN-9710 (Squig) inlay has a compact 44.5×10.4mm (1.75×0.41") antenna size and utilizes the...

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