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Cottonwood: Long Range UHF RFID reader UART (ISO18000-6C ...

Long Range UHF RFID Reader is an important way to read information and input information. Automatic identification technology has been developed in recent years. Now it is a new high technology which includes barcode technology, magnetic strip (card) technology, RF technology, optical character recognition technology, and biological recognition, distance Card Reader and etc.

In normal case, UHF...

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LS0831 Passive UHF RFID Tag EPC Gen2 (900MHz)

The passive RFID tag uses frequency hopping technique. User can deign their own read/write protocol. The read/write distance is over 10M depending on the...

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Long Range Integrated UHF RFID reader Ethernet (1-6M) (EPC G2)

inkSprite Long Range RFID reader with Ethernet RJ45 port (1-6M) (ISO18000-6C EPC G2): typical 2-3M.

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UHF RFID Reader Antenna (902-928MHz, 8dBic LHC Pol)

Cannot Obtain Cable to Connect to Cottonwood RFID Board

Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2014

I contacted LinkSprite and explained that I needed to connect the 8 dBi antenna to the Cottonwood Long Range UHF RFID reader UART (ISO18000-6C EPC G2) and then ordered the antenna and adapter cable.

The adapter...

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LinkSprite UHF RFID Reader Antenna (902-928MHz, 8dBi RHC Pol)

Product Description


The antenna should be mounted permanently and securely on a mounting panel in accordance with all installation instructions.


For best results, point the antenna towards the center of the coverage area. A line-of-sight path between the antenna and active...

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