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Impinj MultiReader Software – Impinj Support Portal


Configure Impinj MultiReader software for first-time use:

Prior to using MultiReader software, make sure you have your settings configured properly.  Here's how to do that:

To start, connect to the Ethernet port of the reader.

Launch MultiReader software.

Click the "Configure Settings" button underneath the Impinj logo (or from the Menu, choose Settings -> Configure)

On the Reader Settings...

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Locking Memory on EPC RFID Tags – Impinj Support Portal

Locking the memory on EPC GEN 2 compliant tags is an often misunderstood process. Many think that it is simply a matter of changing the access password to a non-zero value (the default for Gen 2 tags) and then the tag is 'locked' but this is not the case. This posting will review how tag locking works for EPC RFID tags and show you how to lock the Impinj Monza tags using  the Octane Software...

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Speedway xPortal Product Brief / Datasheet – Impinj ...


xPortal RAIN RFID Gateway

The Impinj xPortal fixed-infrastructure RAIN RFID reader system provides hands-free inventory monitoring and asset tracking...

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Monza 4 RFID Tag Chip Datasheet – Impinj Support Portal

Download Monza 4 Datasheet


With the new Monza® 4 tag chips, Impinj builds upon the field-proven Monza chip family--well-regarded in the industry as the most reliable, consistent, flexible, and fully UHF Gen 2-compliant tag chips available. The Monza 4 family provides a variety of models to suit diverse applications, ushering in new standards in RFID privacy, tag orientation insensitivity, best and most consistent read/write performance, and memory capability.


True3D[TM] antenna technology--patented,...

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Date: 2016-08-24 19:22:36

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UHF RFID in ETSI Region – Impinj Support Portal

4 channel plan


For more information regarding the regulations worldwide please refer to this EPC Global document.  and for more information about the differences between the measure of power please see this post  EIRP and ERP .

This post discusses the nuances of applications intended for deployment in ETSI regions. Within this...

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Date: 2017-01-20 17:39:01

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Managing memory on EPC Gen2 tags ... - Impinj Support Portal

Monza R6 Permalock Memory

The Impinj  Monza 4 tag ICs  allow for an Electronic Product Code (EPC) of up to 496 bits and user memory of 512 bits. But, how do you manage how much of the EPC is backscattered? What if we have a tag we believe supports more than 96 bits but, when queried, will only return the most minimal of EPC? How do we know if there is non-zero data written in the User Memory...

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xArray Gateway Product Brief / Datasheet – Impinj Support ...


xArray RAIN RFID Gateway

The Impinj xArray gateway is a fixed infrastructure RAIN RFID reader system that provides always-on, wide-area monitoring, location, and direction of...

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Selecting Specific Channels Using ETSI Regulations ...

Supported Regions and Geographies

When developing or testing applications for deployment in ETSI regions, it is encouraged to select the specific channels to transmit on rather than using the reader default.

NOTE: This only applies to readers conforming to the ETSI regulations. It is not permitted within the FCC regulations to select specific channels.  Therefore, this post is not relevant to...

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Date: 2015-12-02 07:49:21

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