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How Much Should You Spend on Asset Tags? - AMI

By Tom Watson on July 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Knowing that AMI AssetTrack supports any data capture technology, an AssetTrack user recently asked me how much he should spend on asset tags and should they do barcode, passive or active RFID.  I responded, "it depends." But in more fully answering his question, we explored some important basics to be considered before committing to an RFID...

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Simple Cost Analysis for RFID Options - AMI

Active RFID readers: Zonal readers that cover about 3000 square feet detecting active RFID tags in their zone. Fully automated, notifying administrators and updating the database in real time. Figure $1,250-$1,500 each.

Active RFID Rack/Room Locators:  Work in conjunction with Active RFID readers to report the precise rack or room location of the active RFID-tagged asset.  Figure $150-$200...

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Dedicated Barcode & RFID Handheld Readers - AMI

Dedicated Barcode & RFID Handheld Readers

High volume scanning environments like receiving docks, data centers and warehouses, require ergonomic, high-performance scanning.  AssetTrack® 4  IT asset tracking software supports a range of dedicated barcode-enabled devices in numerous form factors.

High-performance scanning empowers fast work

Rapid location audits in warehouse, data centers and field locations to find and fix data errors and identify missing assets

Ergonomic form factors minimize fatigue

Rugged designs withstand harsh environments

Rugged Handheld Barcode Devices

AssetTrack supports...

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