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Atlas RFID Solutions Active vs. Passive RFID

Active vs. Passive RFID

When do I need to use Active RFID? Or will Passive RFID work just as well?

Active RFID and Passive RFID are fundamentally different technologies that are often evaluated together. While both use radio frequency energy to communicate between a tag and a reader, the method of powering the tags is different. Active RFID uses an internal power source (battery) within the tag to continuously power the tag and its RF communication circuitry, whereas Passive RFID relies on RF energy...

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Atlas RFID Solutions GPS vs. RFID



Companies are increasingly leveraging a mix of RFID and GPS technologies to track critical assets that need to be monitored on a near constant basis.

Specialized transponders with embedded GPS receivers can transmit their location coordinates via satellite or cellular data links to a central server and...

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Jovix Webinar Series - Atlas RFID Solutions

Fiatech Presents "8 Years & 200+ Deployments: What Works & What Doesn't"

Fiatech Presents "Craft Productivity Improvements with Material...

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Atlas RFID Solutions RFID vs Barcode

High throughput. Multiple (>100) tags can be read simultaneously.

Very low throughput. Tags can only be read manually, one at a time.

Line of Sight

Not required. Items can be oriented in any direction, as long as it is in the read range, and direct line of sight is never required.

Definitely required. Scanner must physically see each item directly to scan, and items must be oriented in a very specific manner.

Human Capital

Virtually none. Once up and...

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RFID Custom Solutions - Atlas RFID Solutions

Contact Atlas RFID Custom Solutions

Fill out the form, and we'll start the discovery process today.

Why Do Our Custom Solutions Stand Out?

We conduct in-depth consultations to understand the needs and challenges of the client.


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Atlas RFID Solutions Material Readiness



Jovix® is an award-winning Material Readiness[TM] application developed by Atlas RFID Solutions specifically for the capital asset market. Jovix combines web-based server software with mobile and auto-ID technologies to extend access to information to decision...

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