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Long-distance RFID reader - BakeryAndSnacks

A compact RFID reader that offers read ranges as far as 11 metres

even when transponders are attached to metal objects has been


Developer Trolley Scan has achieved this by repackaging its super sensitive reader in a new lightweight case that it claims is suitable for mass manufacture, and yet maintains a high standard of performance and electromagnetic compatibility with other users...

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Savi launches complete 'tag-and-ship' RFID concept

Savi Technology has unveiled a new "tag and ship" offering enhanced

with components from Symbol Technologies and Zebra Technologies

that enables suppliers to quickly and cost-effectively meet new

EPC-compliant, passive RFID shipment requirements.

Called Savi RFID-ACT (Assured Compliance Today), the multi-package offering builds on the expertise of the three companies in designing a flexible...

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Sun Microsystems delays RFID test centre opening

The new centre complements existing IBM development centres in Gaithersburg in the US and Tokyo, Japan, and will allow European based companies to test RFID solutions in real customer environments, according to the company.

Services offered at...

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