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RFID FAQs - Barcoding, Inc.

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions about RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Since 1998, we've helped companies add the power of RFID to their businesses. We can help you too!

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FAQs on RFID Technology and RFID Systems

What is RFID?

RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification, is a data collection method that...

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RFID Tags: Active, Semi-passive, and Passive - Barcoding, Inc.

There are three basic types of RFID tags; active, semi-passive, and passive. Active and semi-passive tags use internal batteries in order to power their internal circuits. Active tags also use their battery to send radio waves to a RFID reader, whereas semi-passive tags rely on the reader to supply power for its broadcasting. Both active and semi-passive tags are most commonly used for large-scale applications that need to be read over greater distances. Because of this, they typically broadcast high frequencies from 850 to 950 MHz and can be read from over 100 feet away.

In contrast, passive RFID tags rely solely on the...

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Applications of RFID Technology in the Logistics & Supply ...

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a concept that was initially patented in the 1970s, but the technology to enable it was much too expensive to allow for commercial developments. RFID is the use of wireless signals to transfer data between microchips. The chips can be inserted in tags, cards, or even living beings.

RFID is already in use in multiple industries and for various purposes. The...

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Solution Builder - Barcoding, Inc.


Traceability and visibility are key within the agriculture supply chain. Barcode and RFID solutions by Barcoding, Inc. tackle many of distribution, manufacturing, and retail challenges faced throughout the ag industry: for instance, growers and manufacturers who need to track product and bins to comply with regulations and maintain food safety, or distribution and retail companies who...

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RFID Printers - Barcoding, Inc. - Barcoding, Inc.

RFID Printers can be used to print and encode RFID smart labels and hang tags.

How do RFID Printers Work?

RFID Smart label printer/encoders use media that has an RFID inlay (chip and antenna combination) embedded within the label material. An RFID encoder inside the printer writes data to the tag by radio frequency transmission. The transmission is focused for the specific location of the tag...

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Software - Barcoding, Inc.

The Right Applications to Power Your Business

Software Delivered by Barcoding, Inc.

While known for delivering the best in mobile hardware and printing , Barcoding, Inc. also specializes in providing and integrating software for our customers.

We have the right software partnerships in place to power and manage your business. From enterprise mobility management (EMM) to warehouse management...

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Making the Switch: Barcodes to RFID - Barcoding, Inc.

Making the Switch: Barcodes to RFID

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There's always some discussion as to whether or not RFID technology will replace barcodes. While I don't think this will happen any time soon, it is interesting to see how some businesses make the switch. At the University of Florida (UF) Animal Care Services department, they recently upgraded from handheld barcode scanners to RFID technology, and here's how:

The UF Animal Care Services department houses approximate 35,000 mice and 3,000 rats in over 11,000 cages. In order to complete rodent census reports and compose invoices, barcode scanners were used to read the barcode...

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Warehouse Management Systems - Barcoding, Inc.

Configuration of WMS application and network settings

Staging and Kitting

BOS[TM] Services for Asset Visibility

Tier 1 and 2 Help Desk

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM, MDM)

Spare Pool Management

Barcode label design, print, and management

Warehouse rack and floor labels

Label customization

RFID by Barcoding[TM] (as needed)

RFID system consultation, design, and implementation

OnePay by...

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Barcoding, Inc. History

Barcoding has delivered efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity since 1998!

History of Barcoding, Inc.

Founded in 1998 in CEO Jay Steinmetz's Baltimore apartment, Barcoding, Inc. has been committed to making its customers more efficient, accurate, and connected through the most cutting-edge technology. With extensive experience in the automatic identification industry, knowledge of the supply...

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