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Evaluating a UHF RFID Tag Design with Simulation | COMSOL Blog

Fanny Littmarck April 20, 2015

COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.1 introduces a new tutorial model of a UHF RFID tag. RFID tags allow you to identify and monitor both inanimate objects and living creatures through the use of electromagnetic fields. The UHF RFID tag has a wider range than other types of RFID tags and is often used to identify animals. We can evaluate the performance of the tag through...

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Smart(er) Healthcare: Designing RFID Tags for Biomedical ...

By characterizing a single device, such as an RFID tag, these designers have a good starting point for an EMI analysis. Electromagnetics simulation can be used to compute the mutual inductance of the RFID system design.

Improving Detection and Read Range in UHF Devices

Passive UHF RFID tags, like those mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, are preferred over their low-frequency and...

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RFID Tag Read Range and Antenna Optimization | COMSOL Blog

Guest Mark Yeoman October 8, 2014

Today, guest blogger and Certified Consultant Mark Yeoman of Continuum Blue shares a numerical modeling example for RFID applications.

We'll look at how we can make use of COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software to determine the operating read range of a passive RFID tag powered by a reader's interrogating field. Additionally, we will look at how we can...

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