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RFID Types - Wide RFID range of capability and cost choices

Types of RFID

There are several RFID technology types available, each offering different capabilities.

CoreRFID's expertise means that we are best placed to help you select the most relevant RFID types for your business.

We are happy to discuss your requirements with you ( just contact us ), but the table below gives an overview of the main alternative RFID types.

LF & HF Passive RFID


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Barcode vs RFID - Which is a better solution for business?

Which way for business systems?

Barcode vs RFID - Relative Benefits

Using RFID used to be thought of as an expensive solution but new developments in RFID technology and reducing prices, mean that RFID can now deliver real ROI. This short guide provides a list of the areas that should be considered by those creating a cost-justification for RFID based systems.



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RFID Tag - Battery Assisted Passive Tags - CoreRFID

If you need greater read distances or quicker response times than can be achieved with ordinary RFID tags, the answer may be in battery assisted passive tags.

Conventional RFID tags use the power from the readers signal to turn on and then to run the chip, power the memory and power the transmission back to the reader. As a result the distance between the reader and the tag has to be close enough...

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The NFC Near Field Communication standard focuses on three activities. Firstly it allows a reader device to interact with a passive radio frequency device, typically a contactless smart card. Secondly the reader device incorporates its own contactless smart card which it can use as part of the transaction. Thirdly it allows two reading devices to exchange data.

Examples of NFC and RFID style...

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GE Power utilising RFID Tool Tracking System - CoreRFID

by Lewis Tandy

GE, needed a process which was less manual and unmanned when tracking the tools issued on site. They were finding that tools often got lost or unaccounted for and that they needed to man the containers, which can be expensive.


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RFID Gateways - Track goods on the move



RFID Gateways and Portal applications keep track of goods on the move, locating them to sites or checking their movement around buildings. RFID readers, with appropriate antennae mounted at a doorway can record every tag that passes through it.

RFID at the Gateway

Checking goods shipment and movement of products through the manufacturing chain can all be helped by the...

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Introduction to RFID - How does RFID work? - CoreRFID

What is RFID? How does it work?

The Internet of Things

Radio frequency identification (RFID) and the similar technology "near field communication" (NFC) present businesses with exciting opportunities to create systems which can link automatically to the world around them: the internet of things.

What's Driving RFID?

The introduction of radio frequency devices to tag and identify items is growing...

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RFID Technology - Creating wide business opportunities

Learn about some RFID issues

Will it fit my business?

RFID is used in everything from managing safety to controlling manufacturing processes, from identifying pets and livestock to providing "smart" tickets for events and journeys.

Any business that needs to track assets, identify people or locations or improve safety or accountability will have applications where RFID can help.

Learn more about RFID at Work or see our case studies .

How can CoreRFID help?

CoreRFID is a specialist in RFID. We provide the technologies that make RFID (and its sister technology NFC) systems a practical...

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RFID helps improve manufacturing processes - CoreRFID


Managing Manufacturing Processes

RFID systems in production management can make a significant contribution to saving costs by helping to monitor work-in-progress. WIP that needs to be kept at a particular stage for a specified time or that is held as intermediate stock prior to final assembly can be tracked and identified.

Our FlowOK system help companies...

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USB Pen Reader (Mifare) - CoreRFID

Not Sure What You Need?

What is RFID? If you're new to working with RFID maybe you aren't too sure about what you need. Have a look at our suggestions to help you to choose the right technologies for your application and the best ways to apply them.

How Should I Start With RFID?

If you are just starting in RFID and need to learn about the basics, why not download our Introduction to RFID ? Or you could look at this video on RFID Fundamentals , which introduces the principles.

HF, LF or UHF?

If you already have equipment installed you need to make sure that new tags or readers are compatible. If you are introducing a new system, you'll want to make...

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