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Long Range RFID Reader -DO RFID reader manufacturer

Long Range RFID Reader

Long Range RFID Reader

DO RFID Reader manufacturer as the best long range RFID reader supplier. Our long range RFID reader including UHF RFID integrated reader,long range rfid reader antenna,long range UHF RFID reader module,uhf rfid fixed reader,UHF RFID gate reader,long range rfid reader writer ect. The UHF RFID integrated readers combine one RFID Reader and one RFID...

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RFID Readers, RFID Reader Manufacturer - D.O RFID Group

RFID handheld reader

D.O RFID Group

D.O RFID Group is a Hi-tech enterprise which specializes in RFID and IoT industry. We focus on the research, development, design, and production of smart cards, RFID Wristbands, RFID Labels and Tags.

Since 2003, our products have been exported to over 80 countries in Europe, North/South America, Australia, Middle East, Russia and Asia, widely used in...

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Long Range RFID reader with GPS interface. DO RFID reader ...

RFID reader with GPS Description:

Our best passive RFID intelligent intergrated Reader in the world with embedded edge server and a wide selection of interface, including 3G/GSM/GPRS, SMS, Ethernet, USB and Serial. The long range UHF RFID reader has built-in GPS, the location of the reader can be identified when used outdoor. Intergrated RFID reader with GPS is an extremely versatile. all Weather high performance Ruggedized RFID reader with long read range and high read rate.

The RFID reader...

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RFID UHF reader module long or range UHF RFID reader ...

RFID UHF reader module

DO RIFD Reader manufacturer rdelivers the size, operating efficiency, power, and flexibility needed to embed long range UHF RFID reader module into applications where small form factor is important.


EPC C1 GEN2(ISO 18000-6C) Protocol

Stable reading range 1-10m

Great reading performance and impact proof

Multi-frequency band supported

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DO RIFD Reader manufacturer provide...

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High Frequency RFID Reader Module DO RFID Reader factory

13.56Mhz High Frequency RFID Reader Module

13.56Mhz High Frequency RFID Reader Module

13.56Mhz High Frequency RFID Reader Module is a NFC smart card reading and writing module developed based on ISO18092 ISO14443A/B international standard protocols. These RFID modules enable contactless, close-proximity tag reading and are popularly used in high security and fast data collection...

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High Temperature RFID tags - D.O RFID Group

High Temperature RFID tags

High Temperature RFID tags

The UHF RFID Tags are highly durable UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that can be mounted on any surface and supply long read range. The Tags are the most advanced general-purpose UHF RFID tags...

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UHF Long Range RFID Reader Module - D.O RFID Group

The UHF long range RFID reader module with 4 ports ,user can connect 4 monostatic antennas for long range distance or bulk RFID tags. Multi interface let it enable...

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RFID Tags, RFID Tag Manufacturer - D.O RFID Group

Our wide products can be used for IOT.

For people identification: 125khz or 1356mhz ,RFID card, RFID keyfob,RFID wristband,RFID reader .

For animal tracking: Special 134.5khz, RFID transponder, animal ear tags, animal ring tag.

For things: 860-960mhz RFID tag, RFID reader.

Because of the special application conditions, there are...

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Smallest RFID Tags - D.O RFID Group

The applications of our tiny RFID tags are required for any small size tracking.

The RFID tag with cooper antenna, so the performance is better than AL antenna. The read range is 0.5-3cm,...

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