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SmartCard Edit/Read/Write Software - for almost any kind of smartcard    Rate this link

Smartcard articles

Java Card Security - How Smart Cards and Java Mix    Rate this link

RFID tags connect smart cars to smart highways - small RF identification (RFID) tags are part of the critical communication link between automobiles and electronically directed "smart" highways and there are also...

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ePanorama Circuit sites page - - Links

Snock's High Voltage Page - detailed explanation on flyback, ignition coil circuits and pictures of various transformers    Rate this link

SP-Elektroniikka Audiokytkent?j? - audio circuits, text in Finnish, circuit board design available for most of projects    Rate this link

SP-Elektroniikka RF + Infrapuna + video kytkent?j? - circuits for RF, IR and video, text in Finnish, circuit board design available for many projects    Rate this link

SP-Elektronikka Sekalaiset kytkenn?t mm. moottorinohjaimet, vilkut, viiveet ym. ym - circuits for motor controlling, light flashing, delay and other misc...

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