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RFID Tags, RFID Labels | Express Corp

Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are smart barcode tags that transmit data through radio frequencies. Radio waves transmit data from the RFID tag to RFID reader, which then transmits the data to an RFID computer program. Industrial RFID tags are used to track automobiles, machines, and inventory throughout harsh industrial environments.

Active vs. Passive RFID Tags

Active RFID tags are...

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MT RFID Tag - Express Barcode Labels

Metal Mount RFID Tag

Extra Durable Metal Mount (MT) RFID Tags provide dependable readability without metal interference. Metal mounting augments signal strength for improved performance.


The MT RFID Tag is part of Express' RFID series of highly rugged RFID tags that can be used in harsh and industrial environments. Despite its compact size, this tag has an impressive 25 foot read range when mounted on metal assets, and...

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RFID Tags - Express Barcode Labels

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