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Handheld RFID Reader,UHF RFID Tag Antenna,RFID Reader ...

Hopeland RFID at RFID Journal Live! 2019 2019-04-04

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UHF RFID Reader,RFID Scanner,Handheld Terminal,RFID System ...

Happy New Year 2018! Hopeland Wish You Peaceful and Harmony

After honey holidays of New Year, Hopeland's staff come back to work position and present their hope and enthusiasm in the new year 2018. In the past 2017, we have gone through a lot and made great progress. The products' R&D, Hopeland have brought the first gateway RFID reader raspberry Pi, mini size long range UHF RFID reader, 12/24...

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RFID Based Asset Tracking System,RFID Asset Tracking ...

Assets Management


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RFID Asset Management -

Assets Management


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UHF RFID Reader Module,Long Range RFID Reader,RFID Animal ...

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RFID Retail Solutions,RFID Retail Inventory Management ...

2. Low cost: RFID technology in the supply chain, information flow is large, solid logistics relatively is small, that reduce the distribution cost

3. Applicability: RFID is currently one of the most useful methods. Wal-Mart, Metro, ZARA and other international retail giants have been proved its applicability.


1. Enterprise real-time inventory control product information, learn about...

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RFID Based File And Document Tracking System,RFID Tags ...


Recent years, with the progress of electronization and networking, official document drawing can be implemented by computer, which greatly improve the working efficiency. However, the official document for reading, inquiring, borrowing, packaging, distribution, etc., still closely linked with paper files.

Status of traditional Document Management:

1. Inefficient and time-consuming...

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Handheld RFID Reader,Portable RFID Reader - Hopeland ...

USB cable, DC 5V power supply, Cradle

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RFID Label Paper Tag CL7203L2,Programmable RFID Tag

RFID Label Paper Tag CL7203L2

This is a most common and wide use RFID tag - paper label with sticker.

Most in fixed assest management, warehousing goods inventory, funiture management, medicine control management and so on

1. Reliable: Alien A3/ Impinj M4 chip

2. Small size: 73mm×24mm×0.3mm

3. High performance: reading distance up to...

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