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8 Tips for Integrating RFID Event Technology | Intellitix Blog

The most prevalent technology currently used by hundreds of events around the world is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). These tiny chips, usually embedded into a cloth wristband, are opening up a host of new opportunities for event organizers. But how do you know RFID technology is right for your event? And how do you go about integrating it? Here, we share our insider tips.

1. Understand...

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NFC vs RFID: What Apple Pay Means for RFID at Events ...

RFID technology has been used in various industries for almost 50 years, while NFC is still fairly nascent. NFC differs primarily in its ability to allow for information to be shared peer-to-peer - between other NFC users.

Apple Pay with NFC is a great reason to be excited about the future of cashless payments . This confirms that the future is in paying with the tap of your wrist! There is no...

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