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Micro UHF RFID Reader - JADAK

What are the most important and competitive features of the Micro?

ThingMagic Micro is the value leader for embedded RFID modules in this size class:

o Small form factor: High performance RFID can be designed into the latest smaller form factor mobile and handheld products and stationary readers, where size is important

o RF Power output adjustable up to 30 dBm: Results in tag read distance over...

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ThingMagic USB Pro UHF RAIN RFID Reader - JADAK

ThingMagic's USB Pro with Desktop RAIN® RFID Reader,  based on the M6e-Micro LTE RFID module, offers a number of enhancements including:

Wider power range

New external antenna port

Enhanced firmware features

The USB Pro reader is preconfigured for most regions in the world including the Americas (FCC / IC rules), Europe (ETSI rules), India (TRAI), Korea (KCC), Australia (ACMA), China (SRRC-MII), and Japan (MIC).  The reader also has a customizable option to accommodate other areas and research applications.

The wider power range gives greater flexibility in...

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Barcode Scanner Company, RFID, Machine Vision Company

JADAK starts to grow - adding engineering staff, capabilities and services.


JADAK manufactures its first product for an OEM customer: A barcode scanner for a medical device


JADAK obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification.

JADAK releases its second product for an OEM customer: A backwards compatible barcode processing board to replace a customers end-of-life product


JADAK releases the...

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Date: 2017-03-03 23:57:52

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SkyeModule™ M2 HF RFID Reader Module - JADAK

SkyeModule[TM] M2 (HF)

SkyeModule[TM] M2 (HF)

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The Future of RFID in Healthcare / Medical: An Expert's ...

The Future of RFID in Healthcare / Medical: An Expert's Perspective

The Future of RFID in Healthcare / Medical: An Expert's Perspective

December 8, 2014 - Industry News , RFID

JADAK's Newsletter Staff (JNS) caught up with Systems Engineer and RFID Expert Steve Bryant...

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RFID vs NFC - Barcode Scanners, Machine Vision, 1D, 2D ...

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) are two closely related global wireless communication technologies used for a variety of applications, including access control, asset tracking and contactless payments. Both RFID and NFC technologies provide one-way communication and the ability to communicate without a direct line of sight. However, there are significant...

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SkyeModule™ Gemini | JADAK

SkyeModule[TM] Gemini (HF)

SkyeModule[TM] Gemini (HF)

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RFID Reference Designs - JADAK

RFID Reference Designs

A product licensing agreement provides customers with access to the ReaderDNA reference design for their chosen module allowing them...

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