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RFID Baggage Tracking Solution - Longest Chance

HHRBTS RFID Baggage Tracking System ArchitectureThe health monitoring of the system can be performed on two different levels. The hardware infrastructure is constantly monitored by our administrator back-end system "ERFID Communications Server". This is an industrial grade middleware platform for managing RFID hardware, which has been tested on 100s of projects managing hundreds of readers at a...

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RFID Baggage Tracking System - Longest Chance

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Airline Industry Embraces RFID Baggage Tracking

The IATA's board voted at its general meeting to develop a standard within one year for using RFID to track luggage. The industry body aims to start rolling the technology out globally in 2020. The airline industry has steadily improved its ability to handle passenger luggage. In 2016, 5.73 bags per...

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