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What Is the Future of RFID Technology? -

RFID technology is poised for some significant advancements fueled by what analysts say will be more rapid growth in healthcare, retail, food safety, and other markets. The future of RFID is growing and expanding as more industries and companies invest in the technology. As a result, RFID is becoming more cost-effective than ever for solving real-world business challenges.

Analysts have been...

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The Difference Between Barcode and RFID Technology | Lowry ...

Warehouse Management

Over the past few years, businesses have rapidly adopted RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology as an advanced method of data collection. But those still using barcode labels are not to worry - RFID tags aren't going to replace them anytime soon.

In fact, many businesses are still faithfully using barcode technology as the backbone of their operations - and some are...

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Zebra RFID Scanner Solutions | Lowry Solutions - The ...


RFID Handheld Readers

Zebra RFID handheld readers offer greater accuracy, higher throughput, and longer reads, reaching further to bring reliable data about your products right to your fingertips.

These durable devices are sealed to meet IP64 standards so that you can use them even in dust or rain. A tough, non-glare LCD screen allows for optimal reading in bright sunlight and worry-free...

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The Cost Benefits of RFID Middleware -


Properly implemented RFID middleware can have a substantially positive impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your RFID infrastructure. Lowry Solutions' RFID middleware provides configuration, monitoring and maintenance capabilities from a central console. The middleware supports EPC Global standard low level reader protocol (LLRP), enabling command and control of all the...

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