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Lyngsoe Systems - About us

Subsidiary companies

The corporate headquarters of Lyngsoe Systems is located in Denmark. The headquarters comprise research & development, RFID test center, sales, hosting center, project and service facilities

Lyngsoe Systems, Inc. (est. in 1999) Sales, project and service office in Maryland, USA for servicing our customers in North America.

Lyngsoe Systems Ltd. (est. in 2001) Sales, project, RFID R&D, RFID test centre and production facility in Toronto, Canada, which is considered as one of the leading RFID innovators in the world.


Our areas of global expertise

Postal & Logistics

Increasing visibility,...

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Lyngsoe Systems - Library

Reliable operation backed by solid service

Lyngsoe Systems is at the cutting edge of advanced self-service lending, returns and sorting systems using RFID or barcode - integrating seamlessly with your integrated library system or library management system. The innovative 'Intelligent Material Management System' (IMMS) software even adds the extra intelligence and brings new value out of your integrated library system or library management system. Appreciating libraries need for a high reliability of operation, all our hardware and software products are easy to operate, maintain and service by design and the highly skilled Lyngsoe...

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