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Long Range Passive RFID tag is perfect for many industrial ...

OPP9020 UHF RFID tags provide advanced sensitivity for enhanced read rates and range with a read range of up to 10.8 meters. It is encapsulated within a low-profile ruggedized and rigid FR4 case, allowing OPP9020 to perform very well even in harsh environments. Its outstanding performance and reliability makes it the best cost-performance ratio compare to any...

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Date: 2019-04-09 00:09:37

RFID tags | Asset tracking tag | RFID application service ...

UHF Metal Specific Tag Solutions in OPP IOT

OPP IOT Technologies Co., LTD is one of the trusted leaders in products, services and solutions related to...

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Date: 2017-11-23 02:37:56

What is EM4325 UHF RFID IC? | OPP IOT

What is EM4325 UHF RFID IC?

2018-4-14 View

" EM4325 is a Class-3 Generation-2 (Gen2) IC that is compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-63 (Gen2) & ISO/IEC 18000-64 (TOTAL) as well as EPCTM Class-1 Generation-2. The chip offers an advanced feature set leading to a performance beyond that of standard Gen2 chips and can be either battery powered or beam powered by the RF energy transmitted from a reader. In a...

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Date: 2019-04-09 00:09:38

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OPP4215 High temperature UHF RFID tags | OPP IOT

-55°C to +200°C (280° for 50 minutes, 250° for 150minutes)

Operation Temperature

-40°C to +150°C (working 10hours in 180° )


Reach Approved,RoHS Approved,CE Approved

Tags: high temperature RFID tags , UHF RFID , UHF tag for High temperature...

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Date: 2019-04-01 04:34:01

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Small size RFID tags | mini UHF RFID tags | OPP IOT

OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading trusted Industrial RFID tags manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment in...

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Date: 2019-04-01 04:32:51

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