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RFID: Radio Frequency Identification technology | Paragon RFID

What is a RFID System ?

A Radio Frequency Identification System is composed of transmitters commonly referred to as readers or RFID Encoders.

RFID receptors (labels, tags,...

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Stock management and inventory using RFID | Paragon RFID

> RFID for Stock Management and Inventory

RFID for Stock Management and Inventory

Readable data at all times

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RFID labels, RFID tags, inlay: leading manufacturer ...

> RFID label manufacturing

RFID label manufacturing

Paragon have mastered the complete manufacturing chain of RFID labels and tags: inlay manufacturing, complexing, printing and encoding of the tag.

What's a RFID inlay?

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NFC Technology | Paragon RFID

> NFC Technology

NFC Technology

Near Field Communication and smartphones

Until 2010, Near...

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