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RFID Tags, Tagging, & Smart Labels - Radio Electronics

The range of active RFID tags can be many metres - often 30 metres or more.

As battery power is required, this may allow much greater functionality to be incorporated.

An active RFID tag cannot function without battery power. This limits its lifetime, or requires maintenance.

RFID active tags are much more expensive to manufacture.

An active RFID tags will be physically larger than a passive one...

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RFID Security | RFID Privacy | Radio-Electronics.Com

NFC Near Field Communications

Security and privacy is a major issue for many elements of technology these days. RFID security and RFID privacy are no exception. RFID security and RFID privacy are major features of the technology and they feature highly in the way in which RFID systems are designed, set up and operated.

RFID security is an issue from several viewpoints including prevention of the...

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RFID History | RFID Development Timeline | Radio ...

NFC Near Field Communications

The history of RFID dates back further than many people may think.

Many say that RFID history dates back to the Second World War, and although the techniques that are used today have been developed significantly since those times and have been used in a different application, the same ideas apply.

RFID history & early beginnings

While RFID history can be traced back...

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RFID Coupling Techniques | Backscatter Capacitive ...

NFC Near Field Communications

The way in which the RFID tag and Reader-writer communicate is known as the RFID coupling mechanism. Terms including RFID backscatter coupling or RFID backscattering, RFID capacitive coupling, RFID capacitive coupling and the like all refer to the coupling method, i.e. the way in which the tag communicates its information to the reader-writer.

The form of coupling...

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RFID Readers, Writers, and Printers - Radio-Electronics.Com

NFC Near Field Communications

RFID readers, RFID writers and RFID printers are effectively the base connection points used for an RFID system. Often only an RFID read function may be needed and this simplifies the requirements for the item, but at other times both RFID write and read will be needed.

RFID technology allows considerable flexibility in the placement of the RFID readers or RFID...

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RFID Standards | ISO IEC etc | Radio-Electronics.Com

Like many other technologies, RFID standards are used. RFID standards, as any other standards enable manufacturers to make the same products for a variety of markets and in this way gain the economies of scale.

RFID standards also enable products from different manufacturers to operate together. One example may be for tags which are used in very large quantities and manufacturers may want to...

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RFID Antennas | RFID Tag & Loop Antenna Design | Radio ...

NFC Near Field Communications

RFID antennas form a particularly important element of any overall RFID system. There are two main types, namely the RFID tag antenna and the RFID reader antenna (this RFID antenna may also be part of an RFID transceiver or RFID printer, etc).

When designing an RFID antenna system, items that are determined by the system need to be considered. For example the...

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