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Read FTC - Presentation on RFID


· Services:

· Loyalty and membership cards · Payment (with car, at vending machines, automatic cash machines etc.) · Library

· Safety & security:

· Access control, passports · Identification of soldiers, military equipment

· Logistics:

· Supply chain management of returnable transit items (pallets, kegs, containers) · Wharehouse control · Automatic ID of products

· Production of hardware / components:

· Tagging of products under manufacturing or...

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Read AN 1629 UHF RFID Label Antenna Design UHF Antenna Design

AN 1629 UHF RFID Label Antenna

Label Antenna Design

The use of a matching network is necessary due to the fact that a dipole based antenna is mainly a capacitive resonant circuit and the IC with is a capacitive load need to be compensated to match the dipole antenna and satisfy the equation:

Z Ant = Z * C

In our case a capacitive IC impedance (with a negative imaginary part) should be...

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