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Red Tag System - ASG Amaray

Red Tag Works How You Do.

The Red Tag system is compatible with all EAS systems, AM, EM, RF and RFID. RFID tags offer the opportunity for enhanced performance tags or 'intelligent' tags.

The new RFID Red Tag™ can give you complete item level control over your stock. A single tag incorporates RFID, EAS as well as physical security. Implementing the RFID system can reduced labour for re-stocking and improve inventory accuracy and, inventory management and while reducing out of stock situations and levels of stock holding.

The RFID Red Tags are...

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Red Tag System - ASG Amaray

The ultimate in retail security for DVD and Games.

What is Red Tag? The ultimate in retail security for DVD, Blu-ray and Games.

Red Tag is a simple but strong red plastic security tag that is inserted into a premium products packaging.

It is available in the preferred security EAS formats (AM, RF and EM) by retailers and supermarkets across the UK.

For media disc products, Red Tag is effectively designed to clamp the box tightly shut so it cannot be opened...

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