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World’s First RFID Reader Network Application for iPhone ...

Alien Technology, a provider of RFID UHF products and services, announced on Aug. 21st the availability of the world's first RFID reader network application for the Apple iPhone.

The I-Alien ALR-9900+, developed with RFID partner Teknopalas of Turkey, is a free application that monitors and controls an arrangement of one or more Alien ALR-9900+ Enterprise Readers on the network via an iPhone, no need for a computer.

The I-Alien reader application automatically detects all readers on the network, allowing users to remotely manage the network, connect to selects readers, adjust antenna...

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circuit | RFID-BLOG

NXP Semiconductors has released its latest, highest-performance UHF RFID integrated circuit, which, according to the company, promises to be the highest-functioning EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID IC on the market. The new chip has higher read and write sensitivity, enabling the development of smaller and more versatile tags.

The Ucode 7's development began approximately a year ago. During the past few months, manufacturers of RFID tags, readers and printers have been testing the technology. These early efforts, which took place ahead of the public announcement, were intended to ensure...

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antenna | RFID-BLOG

3M Company has claimed to have developed an effective way to locate the path of underground plastic pipes and conduits, eliminating the need for tracer wire and test stations and the problems and costs associated with them.

Traditionally a number of techniques have been used, including tracer wires, but these have limitations. They require power to...

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identification | RFID-BLOG

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a convenient technology of using embedded chips as a form of tracking and authentication. It is now fairly common to have pets implanted with RFID chips, so that they can be identified even without a collar.

As more and more RFID products are being put into use, there has been a number of religious and privacy advocates opposing the technology. Yet in...

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2017 Nexqo UHF Ear Tag | RFID-BLOG

2017 Nexqo UHF Ear Tag

Nexqo UHF Ear Tag

Nexqo is dedicated to the development and production of innovative and high quality livestock identification tags and applicator devices, designed to meet market requirements. Our UHF tags can be widely applied in all the field of information management for animals and livestock, such as breeding population, epidemic prevention and quarantine control.

8 Key Features:

Greater than 99% retention as...

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Many users of the Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the new 2013 Nexus 7 Tablet have reported the problem of NFC compatibility with the Mifare Classic 1K NFC tags. Here is the reason why they are not compatible:

As is known, NXP...

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The tech giant Microsoft has unveiled a digital wallet and SIM-based NFC to its latest operating system, Windows Phone 8.

The new OS was unveiled at a summit in June. Joe Belfiore, who takes charge of Windows Phone product definition and design, claimed that the mobile wallet Microsoft has developed will be the most complete wallet experience on any smartphone when it launches this fall.

Like Apple's new Passbook app, the wallet aims to replace its counterpart by acting as a central hub where users can store their entire debit, credit and membership cars and coupons. These...

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printing | RFID-BLOG

OKSU is a digital printer designed by Alex Zhulin, which produces physical connections to what you see online. It was developed as a senior project for the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow.

This mini machine can print off any photo, recipe, or article you wish from the Internet, but it promises to offer much more than just...

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Bluetooth | RFID-BLOG

NFC is one of the closest technologies we have to actual magic. It's an extremely low-power radio signal that allows data to be transferred from a poster or sticker to a system like a smartphone. In this way, it can enable all sorts of new user experiences that can connect the digital world to our physical environment. For instance, you can unlock your car with a wave of your phone.

Tylt is an NFC hardware manufacturer. The company recently partnered up with Y Combinator software startup Tagstand, an Android app, switched on by an NFC...

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