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RFID - Synertech - home

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Testimonial - Chubby Chick

"Thank you Synertech for the installation of temperature probes and development of the dashboard for the temperature monitoring system at our Commercial, Roast and Free-range plant.

The dashboard has exceeded our expectations in every way. It is a very rare occurence these days to work with companies as dedicated to standards of quality in work, product and...

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RFID - Synertech (Pty) Ltd - Home

Manufacturing and Integration of various components

Installation and Commissioning of complete solutions

Rapid ramp-up ability and flexibility to deliver any RFID project

Synertech was initially a product supplier - from 2006 the company...

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Synertech (Pty) Ltd - Synertech RFID Software

-Bonnie R. Troup (The Aerospace Corp. )

1. Analysis

The first step in developing a mobile solution begins with defining the scope of...

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